ICELAND A 1600km Journey

Client:GoCampers Iceland

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What an amazing trip with my friend Alex Stead!

Look, everybody loves a good old road trip, one that allows you to experience all manner of events and live to tell the tale..

My Iceland voyage was one that I can never forget;
The weather is temperamental but ultimately in April should be fine.

Iceland has a ring road that follows the circumference of the Island, it is 1332 Kilometers long, that’s 828 miles of awesome scenery. The south is beautiful; yes, it is full of tourists, fairly easy to navigate and in fact frankly harmless on what I would call a reasonably warm day. It works out relatively easy to photograph landscapes if you make the effort to get up early as well as thinking smart and traveling long haul at dead periods of the day. When the sun’s bright lights are cast across the waterfalls, I’d perhaps not recommend hitting the tourist destinations as honestly more people can get in the photograph than worrying that the sun can ruin your precious photos with it’s vicious glare.

The rest of the road beyond the South is another story. Its treacherous roads lead to beautiful views, of course having to summit mountain after mountain as who wants to tunnel anyway; it’s an open plain out here, but with little room for getting lost. How can you when there is practically only one road to follow.

Let’s start with Tip Number 1, Your Car; if the south is where you plan to travel then drive any tiny car that floats your boat. A 1.2 litre will get you up those hills of an incline of not a lot what so ever, however, if you plan on venturing a smidgen to the east then a 4x4 will be your only option. When choosing your car, you are looking for large tires, a great power to wheels ratio; have you thought about a tow point? Even if you aren’t as careless as I am, it’s helpful for getting fellow travelers out of sticky situations. Onwards from that something weighty, those winds can pick up speed and are terrifying to say the least. Be serious to yourself, when you don’t see another car on the road for a very long period of time assess whether there is a reason for that. When the wind speeds hit 90mph then indefinitely you are in just as tricky a situation as we were in.


In severe weather situations Iceland’s circle road is an endurance, I’m not going to lie to you. Our car, a Mitsubishi Pajero, kitted out for all extremes; a vehicle that honestly surpassed our expectations and enabled us to limitless fun. Don’t think it immune to the environment however, a large amount of snow will cause problems, which yes we did face; it’s all part of the adventure experience.
Tip 2, Have a blast and consider some of these pointer’s.

Make the most of every hike, climb, photo-shoot, meal; a road trip around Iceland counts as a big deal.

- If you cant quite see the attraction, well you will be walking.

- Camera Gear, can get cold. Battery seizure is a real thing, so keep those warm and tucked into pockets; your body heat can make a fraction of a difference whether your camera functions to its best capability.

- If you are camping out in your 4x4, then every meal in a hot restaurant is an added bonus. The food is ridiculously expensive, however to the most part tastes pretty great. KFC will however charge a pretty penny for a bucket and be the worst decision possible; I can assure you that chicken is not the same as ours here in the UK.


This Journey is one for you to enjoy, live every moment to it’s full and enjoy the Icelandic experience, I wouldn’t change mine!