50km of LONDON


A 1600km Circular Journey


What an amazing trip with my friend Alex Stead! Look, everybody loves a good old road trip,

Ride Dry Liquiproof/
Moment Lenses London 50km/

A Look into Home


Norway, What can I say that is not biased because of Oslo being my place of birth.
In my opinion an area that equally is beautiful in nature as well as in city/ culture and

An insight into...


I Love Berlin. It is a city rich in lifestyle and collective creative's. This is for sure one of my favourite places to explore. one side will show you a balanced culture, the other a

Latest Video Work

Part 1 of this Summer's Travel Series.

My Experience of Singapore, an incredibly beautiful place which is so diverse in culture, new and old. I can't recommend more than to go and see it for yourself. We spent a very short period of time here on the way from Indonesia to Thailand, a stop along the way and a new country under my belt.

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